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Eva Parka Black Puffer Leather Jacket

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Eva Parka Black Puffer Leather Jacket Buy Hobbs Eva Puffer Coat, Black from our Women's Coats & Jackets range at ... Black Washed Leather Biker Winter Style, Fall Winter, Autumn, Bike

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Product Code: MM-2084

Tags:  Eva Parka Black Puffer Leather Jacket

Eva Parka Black Puffer Leather Jacket

Jacket Description:

  • Women’s leather jackets are now as famous as any other piece of clothing would be.
  • So to give the customers a wide range of leather jackets according to their requirements,
  • Mardams Apparel has come up with this new design which is tailored with threads.
  • A round neck collar that has a pattern stitching of thread.
  • The front zipper as well as the other zippers, all are of red colour.
  • There are zippers on the pockets and on the sleeves which start from the cuffs and continue till elbows.
  • There are thread lines following a pattern on the front and on the back of the jacket as well as the sleeves.
  • The jacket has a dynamic fitting which easily suits the body lines also keep the wearer at peace for not having to wear anything too tight or uncomfortable whilst the red zippers also catches the attention and lets the user carry this jacket with matching colour dresses.

Jacket Features:

  • Our stylish Eva Parka women's leather jacket model is black puffer wear with its sporty look is one of the favourite designs of the new winter season.
  • Made of Zero (ZR) leather material.
  • It is furless.
  • There are long zipper details on the sleeves.
  • It has 2 pockets.
  • It is a model with a waist fit.
  • It surrounds the body.
  • Fit Look.
  • There are zippered pockets on both sides.
  • There are sewing details on our Puffer Black Eva Parka leather jacket model to make you look more fit when you wear it.
  • Since it wraps up the waist part very well, it allows you to get a stylish look.


The products with premium quality and uniqueness in every detail takes their perfection after being elaborated and going through long processes in the heaviest flow of time. World's highest quality materials, reach MARDAMS natural and high-quality standards since forever by getting totally different forms with the magic hands of the most experienced names in the industry.

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