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Regina Black Ladies Leather Jacket

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Regina Black Ladies Leather Jacket Moto Jacket at Guess Leather Peplum Tops, Leather Jacket Outfits, Leather ... Women Faux Leather Biker Jacket - black -

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Product Code: MM-2088

Tags:  Regina Black Ladies Leather Jacket

Regina Black Ladies Leather Jacket

Jacket Description:

"Mardams unleashes leather jackets for women that are simple yet aspiring.

This Mardams jacket is stitched on casual leather is kept comfortable for females who like to keep their look not so skin fitted.

    The jacket has a round collarless neck.

    The front zipper closure starts from the neck of the jacket and extends to the bottom.

    The pockets are vertical and have a zipper closure.

    The sleeves of this jacket are very plain but at the point of shoulders and upper sleeve area, there are lines of threads stitched.

Just like the upper sleeves, the thread lines are also stitched above the vertical pockets that are present at the waist.

This leather jacket does not have a cliched look instead it offers refined dignity and comfort to the user."

Jacket Feature:

Designed in soft softy leather form, Regina Ladies black leather has a narrow structure that will reveal the contours of the female body.

Trendy jackets that will attract your eyes with their bright and stylish appearance.

Jackets That Make a Difference:

•     Straight zipper body.

•     Simple and elegant.

•     Pocket zippers on the right and left sides.

•     The shoulder part is covered with stitch patterns.

•     Half Sabrina collar.

Women's leather jacket, which will make a difference in your body with its eye-catching shine and slim waist, ideal for seasonal transitions!

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