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Contracte Black Sheepskin Leather Jacket

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  • $189.99

Latest Contracte Black Sheepskin Leather Jacket is actually the latest design with Comfortable quality wear for office use get 30% off on Halloween.

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Product Code: MM-2029

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Contracte Black Sheepskin Leather Jacket

Jacket Description:

  • "Mardams new stylish men’s jacket collection has this amazing new design made of convertible leather,
  • this design is based on ceremonial occasional wear and that’s what men discover when they wear this thin leather jacket.
  • The collar of this jacket is a shirt style collapsible design with thread lines on the sides of the shoulder starting from the neckline.
  • The chest pocket on the right has a zipper along with the front closure which has a zipper as well.
  • The collar of the jacket when the front zipper is closed reveals a click button that changes the look of the jacket completely.
  • The cuffs are kept plain and simple with no buttons or zippers to give men a formal look.
  • This design of Mardams can completely change the look with the front zipper closed and
  • open while the body lines remain prominent managing to create a good physique."

Jacket Features:

This Jacket is a Standard Size and %100 pure Leather.

Jacket Specifications:

  • Lenght - 67 cm
  • Colour - Black
  • Closure - Metal Zip-up Closure
  • Chest - Zip-up
  • Back - Stitched


The products with premium quality and uniqueness in every detail takes their perfection after being elaborated and going through long processes in the heaviest flow of time. Worlds highest quality materials, reach MARDAMS natural and high-quality standards since forever by getting totally different forms with the magic hands of the most experienced names in the industry.

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Mike Aurthor - 11/11/2020

Extraordinary service, and
an exceptional piece of leather.
Like it Love it, would definetly reccomend it! Forsure GO SHOP MARDAMS APPAREL and feel your skin under pure comfy Leather Jackets Coats and etc.

Peace Love Mike :)

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