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Ethan Retro Racer Blue Leather Jacket

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Product Code: MM-2044

Ethan Retro Racer Blue Leather Jacket


Mardams new arrival Ethan Retro Jacket is a major blue colored Classic Moto Racer Jacket, consisting of the following features & Details:

  • "Mardams leather jackets for men are designed for men of all ages are also given a touch of fashion that can suit youngsters as well as middle-aged men at the same time.
  • This jacket here is an alluring piece of leather garment that is commonly chosen by youngsters as it has a snappy sports look.
  • The blue color catches the eye of the buyer in the first look.
  • The chest pockets are simply designed with zippers as well as the waist pockets.
  • The collar of the jackets has a trendy stylish buckle.
  • The sleeves are the most stylish part of this jacket, a white and a dark red leather lining is stitched that ascends from the collar and ends on the cuffs following the front of the sleeves.
  • There is a badge on the arm of the jacket that is seen easily with a logo just above it,
  • This badge is designed like a professional military badge but it solely serves the purpose of attraction which usually teenagers consider cool.
  • This jacket also delivers a sportswear look which allows the wearer to carry it whichever way they want."


  • Features Season - Winter Special
  • Color - Blue
  • Features - Mold Slim fit
  • Materiel - Skin
  • Color - Blue
  • Waterproof - 100%
  • Product Type - Leather coat


The products with premium quality and uniqueness in every detail takes their perfection after being elaborated and going through long processes in the heaviest flow of time. World's highest quality materials, reach MARDAMS natural and high-quality standards since forever by getting totally different forms with the magic hands of the most experienced names in the industry.

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