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The Noir Classic Brown Suede Leather Jacket

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Sued's brown men's leather jacket also called as Brown Suarez Men's Leather Jacket product is a comfortable product.

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Product Code: MM-2042

The Noir Classic Brown Suede Leather Jacket 

Jacket Description:

  • The Noir Classic Brown Suede Leather Jacket, also known as The Suarez Brown Men's Leather Jacket.
  • Sued's brown men's leather jacket also called as Brown Suarez Men's Leather Jacket product is a comfortable product.
  • At the same time, the men's leather jacket product, which stands out with its elegance, is frequently preferred because it is comfortable to use.
  • The designs and fashion never stay the same changing to various trends and creating many new,
  • Mardams Apparel has never sat back when it comes to giving its buyers the latest fashion.
  • And with that Mardams introduces a new men’s leather jacket that is a vintage design made up of the matte type of suede leather.
  • This jacket has a zipper on the front which is covered with the click button lining.

Jacket Features:

  • It is produced using fur-less leather.
  • Sued is used.
  • It is a trendy product.
  • It was produced as a coat.
  • Suarez Men's Leather Jacket MARDAMS Product Presents Trendy Elegance!
  • Thanks to the trend Suarez men's leather jacket product, you can have a stylish look and a comfortable product.
  • The cuffs and shoulders have a small strap of leather with buttons.

    • On the cuffs, the buttons surely serve a purpose but on the shoulder, it only creates a fashionable look.
    • The pockets are without a button or zipper but do have a cover cap and a black outlining which exposes the chest pockets and pockets on the waist.
    • The collar has a similar strap but with a buckle.

      The design in this jacket is detailed as tiny black straps are attached to the bottom waist on both sides and the back has the same black lining as the pockets which give a finishing look to the garment.

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      Ardell Rich - 06/01/2021

      This was my first purchase from this website and let me tell you I have had the best experience ever! Fast shipping and it was an overall GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Thank you so much!!

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